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The latest trends in Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

There are a lot of social media trends these days getting the attention of almost everyone with a mobile device. These trends can last from days, weeks, to even months, and a lot of small businesses have taken advantage of these trends to promote their content and boost their customer base. If you are still in doubt, you can take a look at some of the few trends that you can capitalize on for your small business.

Social Media Trends

–          Power of an interactive community: Social media did well to bring everyone closer together, including companies and their customers. At the touch of a button, a simple customer can make a complaint or give suggestions to the company with full assurance that the company would notice and might even take action on the suggestions. Most of the time, small businesses run a social media page and gather a large following of customers. This enables them to build a community where their customers can be free to relate with the company as the company also does well to interact with its customers.

–          Micro-influencers: there are lots of influencers on social media these days, and these big-time influencers have a great influence on the choices of their followers. A lot of companies utilize these influencers to promote their products and services, but these influences don’t come cheap. On the bright side, small companies can utilize the services of lower-level or Micro-influencers to promote their products and services.

–          Creating personalized content: everyone uses social media these days, including several small and large businesses. They are actively using the various social media platforms because they understand that they can create personalized content for their customers with free online logo maker resources like GraphicSprings. A lot of people prefer to interact with content that resonates with their interests, and not some generic ad or content that they have seen over and over again. Giving your viewers or followers something they can relate to is more likely to prevent them from disengaging from your content or page completely.

–          Never underestimate the power of videos: One thing that gets the attention of people on social media is a viral video. Videos carry more information than one can imagine, and it is no surprise that a lot of small businesses are doing their best to create interesting and entertaining content for the pleasure of their old and potential customers alike. Creating an entertaining video is a small effort in comparison to the exposure and attention the business would get at the end of the day if the video reaches a lot of people in a short time.

–          Statuses and Instagram stories: There are tons of social media platforms that give their users a space to upload texts, pictures, and videos to share with their viewers. Small businesses have learnt to harness these features and use these spaces to promote their content easily and for free. Some social media platforms even offer paid ads so that your services can appear on the feed of your followers so that you can reach a wider audience in a shorter time.

–          The media as a publishing tool: Social media has moved beyond the generation of content by and for its users. Some platforms like LinkedIn give their users a chance to publish their content to boost their viewer engagement. This is one of the reasons why the platform keeps increasing in popularity as the years go by.


Social media, to the average person, is a place to entertain and be entertained. In the right hands, it is the leverage the one needs to push their business to the next level.

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